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    I may burn in hell, all because of potato bugs.

    Which potato bugs? All of them, I guess. Hard to tell.

    This Space rarely deals with religion. In a column a few years ago on Things About Which Sense Cannot Be Spoken, I listed that along with gun control and abortion as topics about which feelings run too strong for rational debate. Put them aside, I suggested, fix problems where compromise is possible, then come back to the thorny issues. We still won’t solve them, but at least we’ll have done something in the meantime.

    Seems almost quaint now, doesn’t it? That was before the Republican Party began “primarying” anyone who threatened to compromise.

    Religion does come up, though. At a talk a few weeks ago, someone asked about my religious “preference.”

    “My preference is not to discuss religion,” I said. “And my beliefs are between me and God.”

    That must not have satisfied him, because every few days since, I’ve gotten emails, Bible quotations and the occasional religious tract aimed at converting me from whatever I am to whatever the sender thinks I should be.

    I’m not clear, exactly, on either end of that journey. But the “Evidence of God’s POWER” I got today isn’t likely to move me along.

    “God’s accuracy,” it began, “may be observed in the hatching of eggs. …”

    OK, I sort of buy that. Eggs are pretty amazing. But wait, there’s more.

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    Source: Reno Gazette-Journal


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