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    The Story Of Marley The Cat

    Marley The Boy is a handsome, fat cat, white with blotches of dark khakis and greys. He is part Siamese, so he has beautiful crossed blue eyes. He likes me — perhaps too much, pushing his way into the bathroom through the door with the fucked-up latch/knob (however you want to term it), bebopping in and around the corner of the tub to where I’m sitting on the toilet to see what’s going on, to check out my balls, or whatever he’s after. He’s a watcher. Creepy, dude.

    He shrugs. Cat in there dont care.

    His fur is incredibly soft. It’s- It’s like rabbit fur or something. It’s a joy to pet him. Which only encourages him. As other members of the household say, Marley is in love with me. “He does NOT prefer the ladies.”

    "It’s not just YOU," my sister Lara points out. Marley enjoys peeping at her boyfriend Ty when he’s doing his bathroom thing, too. "Marley’s into the dudes." Which is alright. Any kind of lovin’ is good lovin’. Which, now that I read that back to myself in the spirit of this post, it sounds kinda freaky.

    Marley likes gazing out the front window. As most cats will. He sits motionless in front of it for ours — much like I do when I’m lounging on the sofa, in front of the TV. Windows ARE like television for cats, and Marley is no exception.

    Lara got him from a neighbor when the woman moved out of the house next door. “I’m SO glad she gave him to me,” Lara’s said frequently. To which I’ve replied:

    "Ever notice his ballsack? It’s GORGEOUS!"

    It is. Unlike the rest of his fur, it’s almost a complete deep black, it’s hue- Ugh. I can’t think of the word I want to use, here. What’s the word for when a color goes well with or- Whatever. It looks GREAT with his fur get-up. All you can see when he walks away from you is his good-lookin’ black scrotum, there, dangling between his hind legs, swinging from side to side. It brings a tear to my eye each time I think about it.

    Windows are like television for cats.

    (via retrogirly)


    Oki the Cat [tumblr]

    He looks like Wilford Brimley. He probably has the di-a-BEE-tus and only eats Quaker oatmeal. Licking cat hair all the time will give you the di-a-BEE-tus.

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